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I create content that pulls the journey from the client, competitor, or vendor! Whether you need a podcast or a "boots on the ground" guy, everything can be used to link the human stories to your organization! This content can be used to build a relatable ecosystem of humanizing media to constantly connect with new people!

Film Reels


Everything is provided to create a consistent flow of relatable fitness media stories! I edit the videos, provide the equipment, travel to your location and capture footage such as event photos and B-roll footage that can be recycled at any time!

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The only way to make this work is to keep the social media atmosphere active and the stories personal. To generate more revenue for your business or show, I keep the content rolling out to maintain new connections with potential new attendees of your show, expo, or business!

Link Your Journey

Capture the journeys of the champs

Learn the stories of the owners

Unite their story with the show's purpose

Create a constant flow of inspiration

Show Your Story

Build a podcast showcasing your service

Connect with clients to expand your base

Tag a new fanbase around your purpose

Make visual testimonies with the pod

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